The future is history

Hope you enjoyed my page on 12 Monkeys and I hope it helped you better understand and enjoy the plot and its subtleties. I will try to be updating this page pretty regularly with more writing and media. Send me your thoughts at

Read on if you want to know a little bit more about myself:

My name is Bucephalus (alias). I am a senior currently attending high school on Long Island. My interests include web design, computers (hardware), gaming (PC and console), 12 Monkeys and other science fiction films, DVDs (home theater), and comics. Some films I also like: Total Recall, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Blade, The Shining, Aliens (all four), Indiana Jones (especially 1 & 3), Star Wars, and Fight Club.

This page was concieved when one day, I finished watching 12 Monkeys, and thought that it deserved a well-done resource on the Internet, since none existed. The movie itself was done brilliantly, as well as all the acting; it was no easy task for any actor. Gilliam had directed another amazing film.