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Inside, you will find answers to your questions regarding the amazing film 12 Monkeys, directed by Terry Gilliam. Use the navigation bar on the far left side of this page to access the subject you'd like. I've personally created this page after watching 12 Monkeys one too many times, and concluded that this is one of the most brilliant, mind-bending movies created in the history of science fiction cinema. enjoy...

News/Update Section
May 15th, 2000
A little off topic, but important:

"You'd think that -- with global trade and all -- consumers on different continents would be able to buy roughly the same things. Well, we are; we're legally entitled to it. It has become quite common to order CDs or books in the US or Europe and have them delivered to the other side of the pond.

Since DVDs have about the same form factor as CDs, this was bound to happen to DVDs too. The movie industry traditionally has released movies up to half a year later in Europe than in the US, with a 2 to 4 month gap between the showing in the cinema and the release of the video tape. Even worse, they usually charged more to European consumers!

They could get away with it in pre-internet, VHS-only times because there wasn't that much communication between both continents and because the TV systems of America and Europe are incompatible. DVD, however, has the exact same format for all of the world...

Since this would mean that either European consumers could order DVDs of movies that weren't in the cinema yet or buy their movies at the (much lower) American prices, this would mean a serious cut in the profits of the movie industry, or an increase in the risk they take (since they'd have to begin marketing their movie in multiple continents at the same time)."

To read more and learn what you can do about the MPAA's anti-democratic acts in the name of profit, check out: OpenDVD.org and get involved.

February 13th, 2000
An Update (or two)!
-Added more information to the cast section, including detailed film info such as release dates, filming locations, and awards.
-Added a link to buy the book La Jetée: Ciné-Roman.
... and don't forget to check out a nice 12 Monkeys site entitled Headquarters of the Army of the 12 Monkeys.
January 22nd, 2000
Recieved a couple emails about the images page taking too long to load... I've just recently made thumbnails for all the images (now they're all under 3kb). Also: recieved a whole lotta replies about the site. Thanx for the input, and keep them coming! I intend on answering all of them, but life gets busy...
December 9th, 1999
The Christmas shopping season is already in full swing. What should you get that special someone? That person who loves sci-fi? Buy 12 Monkeys on DVD or VHS from Amazon.com. Both are widescreen (of course!).
November 19th, 1999
Two good bits of news: First off, there was an issue somehow as Tripod decided to take down my website for a couple of weeks for no logical reason. The good news is that it is back and alive. The second bit of good news is that the sound file downloads seem to be working so go check 'em out.
October 27th, 1999
Updated the plot page with some more letters from people who wrote me. As of now, the sound files aren't downloading (I checked everything and can't quite figure it out), but Tripod should be getting back to me on that one. I also updated the contact page a little. FYI.


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